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These are the buzziest stories this week. Ready, set, chat.


Beyonce Baby Watch Continues

After a pulling super-Beyonce move of teasing her possible pregnancy on Instagram, the pop star was expected to make a major announcement at Sunday night’s Grammys. Nope, still no word. In the meantime, here’s a bonkers-cute pic of Blue Ivy and Auntie RiRi.


"Better Call Saul" Is Here and It's Glorious

If you were engrossed in the Grammy waiting game, you may have missed AMC’s premiere of Better Call Saul, the spin-off prequel to the ubiquitously revered Breaking Bad. Go save it on your DVR right now...we’ll wait.

Jimmy Fallon Reunited the "Saved by the Bell" Cast

No shame if you’ve already watched this 47 times. (A 48th viewing of the spot-on spoof is completely acceptable.) Making it all even sweeter: the Facebook post from the staff writer who’s been pitching the idea for six years.


RadioShack Goes Bankrupt

But now the real end to the Zack Morris phone: In not-super-shocking news, the 94-year-old company (one of the first retailers to sell the ham radio in the ’20s and the mobile phone in the ’80s) will shutter 1,600 stores and has sold the remaining 2,400 to a hedge fund that will turn them into co-branded Sprint Wireless locations. But the real news: Will Amazon buy them all out?


Three-Parent DNA Is Likely a Reality in the U.K.

In a controversial vote, the British House of Commons approved a measure to allow mitochondrial DNA replacement. (The House of Lords is next, and it’s expected to pass.) What it all means: Third-party donor DNA (only the mitochondria, the power source of cells) is injected into embryotic cells to prevent a range of genetic disorders. What do you think of the vote? Tell us in the comments below.

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