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When was the last time you waited in line to spend five minutes inside a black box with a stranger? We’re hoping never.

That is, unless you were anxiously awaiting a production of Theater for One, NYC’s (and possibly the world’s) most intimate theater experience.

And no, by black box we don’t mean a cozy, minimalist performance space. We literally mean a black box; one that’s four feet by eight feet, to be exact--just big enough for you and a single actor.

Here’s how it works: You enter the tiny space, take a deep breath and watch an actor launch into one of seven solo performances from the world-premiere production of I’m Not the Stranger You Think I Am.

The box will be in Manhattan this summer at The Winter Garden at Brookfield Place (May 18 to 24), Zuccotti Park (May 27 to 31) and the Grace Building plaza (June 2 to 6).

Sound a little too steamy for you? It lasts only five minutes. Five minutes isn’t enough? Get in line for round two--it’s free, but no reservations are accepted.

Here’s hoping you don’t get something inspired by Hamlet or Macbeth. (Gulp.)

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