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Your biggest gripe about the cable-free lifestyle? The time you waste trying to figure out where you left off with Scandal.

Well, Hulu's new Watchlist feature aims to make it easier to keep track of your favorite shows.

Watchlist remembers what you like and stores all of your shows in one place in the app. When you scroll over the title image for, say, Parks and Recreation, a little green box will appear indicating how many episodes you still need to watch. (For us, that’s zero. Sigh.)

Don’t feel like facing the world today? Click the “play all” button, order some Thai food and settle in for a full-on TV fest. And if you need some inspiration, here are a few shows on Hulu to get into if you haven’t already:

The Bachelor Season 19 We don't believe a moment of it, but we can’t stop.

Party Down Wannabe actors work as cater-waiters on this delicious Hollywood-based reality show.

The Tonight Show We heart you, Jimmy Fallon. We just can’t stay up late enough to watch Christina do her Britney impression in real time.

Nashville We’ll tune in to anything that stars a Friday Night Lights alum.

MasterChef Junior Season 3 The only thing better than watching chefs cook? Watching kids cook.

The Nightly Show Twenty-two minutes with Larry Wilmore is time well spent.

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