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#WCW: Sia

Between the release of her latest (and slightly controversial) music video and her stunning performance of "Chandelier" on SNL last Saturday, Sia Furler is making major waves.

We've long loved the artist for her quirky personality, gratifying songs and emotional vocals. But did you know that in addition to being an unconventional pop star, she's also a one-woman hit factory, responsible for penning tons of our favorite chart-toppers?  

Here, seven things you probably didn't know about the elusive, brave and inspiring Sia. 

• She got her big break in 2005. Her song "Breathe Me" was featured in the last scene of Six Feet Under and immediately went viral, with sales reaching 1.2 million. 

• She's probably penned your favorite song. Sia has written and co-written countless pop hits, including Flo Rida's "Wild Ones," Eminem's "Beautiful Pain," Beyoncé's "Pretty Hurts," Britney Spears' "Perfume" and Ne-Yo's "Let Me Love You".

• She wrote David Guetta's "Titanium" in 40 minutes. And Rihanna's "Diamonds" in only 14 minutes.  

• Her latest album, 1000 Forms of Fearis her first record in ten years. It marks a triumphant return from songwriting to performance. It also earned her four Grammy nominations.

• She openly disavows the stresses of fame. She even went so far as to pen an anti-fame manifesto for Billboard magazine. 

• She's taking the issue of celebrity image and redefining it. Sia rarely shows her face in public, instead using proxies to imitate her and accessories to mask her identity

• Beyoncé had this to say about her: "Sia is such a genius. The second I heard the song ["Pretty Hurts"], I'm like, I have to sing this song. I don't care how hard I have to fight for the song, this is my song!"

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