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#WCW: Mrs. Claus

Aside from a propensity toward baking christmas cookies, preparing toys and tending to reindeer, very little is known about the origins of Santa's elusive other half, Mrs. Claus.

And so (just cuz it's Christmas), here are three tidbits about the lady, the myth, the legend. 

1) By all accounts, the birth of Mrs. Claus was in 1849, when she appeared in A Christmas Legend, a short story by a Christian missionary named James Rees. (Read: Santa was a bachelor up until the mid-1800s.) 

2) However, the missus didn't rise to popularity until 1889 when she had a starring (and surprisingly feminist) role in "Goody Santa Claus", a beloved holiday poem by Katharine Lee Bates (who also penned a little ditty called "America the Beautiful").

3) Across pop culture over the past 200 years, she has been referred to as Gertrude, Jessica, Kristina, Layla, Mary, Martha, Annalina, etc. But aside from "Mrs. Claus," she is most widely known as "Goody" (short for "good wife"), as popularized in the aforementioned poem.




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