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#WCW: MAKERS creator Dyllan McGee

Ever since we heard her speak at PureWow’s Night of Empowering Conversations, we’ve been crushing on the hilarious, mega-inspiring Dyllan McGee.

Here, five (of the many) reasons why:

1. She's the creator of MAKERS, the hugely successful PBS series and largest video collection of women’s stories ever.

2. Her nickname is "Relentless McGee," for her extreme powers of persistence.

3. She's dedicated her life to telling the stories of others--from powerhouses like Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton to way lesser-known ladies whose accomplishments deserve to be shared.

4. She brings home just as much bacon as her husband--and he makes the pancakes (from scratch, no less). 

5. The key to her success is that when it comes to dealing with people, she keeps it real. "I'm ehh at corporate speak," she says. "I'm amazing at booking."

An awesome woman with a mission of bringing recognition to other awesome women? That’s the definition of girl power if you ask us. 

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