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#WCW: Felicity Jones

There's a huge amount of girl crush material in the best actress pool for this Sunday's Golden Globes. (Reese? Rosamund? Jennifer? Julianne? Swoon.)

But it's the lovely underdog, Felicity Jones, who we're most smitten with--and totally rooting for--this awards season. 

Reason being, her incredible performance in The Theory of Everything. We left the theater feeling happy, sad, moved and fulfilled, largely thanks to Jones's powerful portrayal of Jane Hawking.  

Here, six things to know about the star-on-the-rise:

1) The 31-year-old Jones hails from the village of Bournville in Birmingham, England (home to Cadbury Chocolates).

2) She holds a degree in English from a totally low-key little school called Oxford.  

3) She's been a fixture on British TV since age 11, with her first role being on the ITV children's program The Worst Witch

4) Jones famously declined a starring role alongside Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror in favor of a Michael Grandage-directed play. 

5) She's a self-described swot--"earnest", "focused" and "geeky" and counts her studiousness as the main reason she's been able to "get away with mischief." 

6) Jones lists actresses Helena Bonham Carter, Helen Mirren and Samantha Morton as her biggest inspirations. (Not surprisingly, she's also a huge fan of Virginia Woolf.) 


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