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Visit The Poem Store at the Hollywood Farmers Market
Step right up, your locally grown verse is right here.

Along with loading up on fresh broccolini and exotic salad greens at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market, why not get some customized literature too?

That’s what’s on offer at the Poem Store, a booth at the market every Sunday morning where you can get a personalized poem written in 10 minutes or less. 

Writer Jacqueline Suskin asks for a topic plus a few specifics. She’ll write about anything in your own life, or you can request a poem for a friend. (We asked her to fashion a poem on the theme of trying new things.) Then she goes to work typing on a vintage Hermes typewriter, silently fashioning her non-rhyming, impressionistic verses.

If you give her the OK, she’ll read her finished work out loud right then and there (poetry being partly an oral art and all), but after signing her work, it’s yours forever, exchanged for a $5 to $20 donation.

Some of Suskin's clients like her work so much, they've hired her to make personal appearances. If you've always wanted to be a patron of the arts, have her come to your next fete to whip up words, freshly composed (3 hours for $500).

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