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Trailer Blazer
Meet Elsa. No relation to "Frozen."

This weekend’s agenda: Turkey. Nap. Turkey. Repeat. Attempt to take your Snapchatting niece to see The Hunger Games. Get mobbed by 100 teenyboppers.

Yeah, no thanks. Here’s how to navigate your way past the blockbuster crowds this weekend.

The Indie Flick: “Whiplash See this if you love nervous anticipation, psycho-thrillers masked as dramas and J.K. Simmons in something other than Farmers Insurance commercials.

The Oscar Nominee: “Foxcatcher See this if you’re looking for a fascinating, based-on-a-true-story flick and won’t be scarred by Steve Carell’s prosthetic nose.

The Warm ’n’ Fuzzy Romance: “Elsa and Fred See this if you’re craving a good ol’ love story, bantering 90-year-olds and lots of face time with Shirley MacLaine.

The Foreign Film: “The Way He Looks See this if you’re looking for a coming-of-age drama, a refreshing take on LGBT teen romance and don’t mind subtitles.

The Documentary: “Monk with a Camera See this if you’re curious about life as a Buddhist monk, love a transformation story and own three copies of Diana Vreeland Memos.

Pro Tip: If you’ve really got your heart set on braving The Hunger Games crowd, head to Regal Battery Park for your best chance at scoring last-minute tickets.

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