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Do you ever wonder what your favorite celebs were doing before stardom? We’ll give you a hint: Regina George spent a lot of time around Big Macs. Read on, and the next time you’re feeling crappy about your career, just remember that there’s still time for you to make it in Hollywood.


Ellen Degeneres

The talk-show host had a brief stint as an oyster shucker in New Orleans, but she was fired for not working fast enough. 


Jon Hamm

Before he was Don Draper, this Mad Men star was a set-dresser for porno movies. An excellent breeding ground for cigarettes and chest hair, if you ask us.


Megan Fox

Talk about a transformation--this Transformers star once worked at a smoothie shop, where she was forced to wear a life-size banana costume.


Ashton Kutcher

Back in his college days, this heartthrob swept Cheerios off the floors of General Mills, where his father worked.


Christopher Walken

Walken joined the circus as a young boy and worked as a lion tamer. He must have been quite the jungle-cat whisperer, since he claims his lion was as sweet as a dog.

Eva Mendes

Before she hit Hollywood, Mendes worked in a mall food court at Hot Dog on a Stick.


Tom Hanks

He may have two Academy Awards under his belt, but this Hollywood icon started out selling peanuts and popcorn at Oakland Coliseum.


Rachel McAdams

Before her Mean Girls days, McAdams spent three years working at McDonald's, where her sister was a manager. She admits she was no all-star employee; she spent most of her time breaking the soda machine and washing her hands.


Brad Pitt

Before Pitt was nominated for five Oscars and landed Angie, he dressed up as a chicken in front of L.A. restaurant El Pollo Loco, further proving that sex always sells.


Channing Tatum

Speaking of sex, did you know Tatum was a real-life stripper at the age of 19? Yup...we couldn’t make this stuff up.


Vince Vaughn

Vaughn was fired from his job as a YMCA lifeguard for being late to work too many times. For the record: He never had to save anyone.

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