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What would a music awards show be without a little Kanye drama? And last Sunday at the 2015 Grammys, the unlikely target of West’s latest “you’re no Beyoncé” rant was the quietly brilliant singer/songwriter Beck, who won Album of the Year for his soulful chillfest, Morning Phase.

We won’t even argue whether Kanye was joking or whether Beck is a real artist. (Come on.) We’re just glad the whole thing gives us an excuse to put together this list of Beck’s ten greatest hits--to us, anyway--from the song that carried us through freshman year of high school to the one that takes the stress out of our commute today.

"Loser" (Mellow Gold, 1994)

We can never get the lyrics right (beefcake pantyhose, huh?), but we still do our best to sing along with this ’90s classic whenever it plays.

"Morning" (Morning Phase, 2014)

Need a way to get past your road rage and enjoy the ride? Crank this one up and remember to breathe.

"Where It's At" (Odelay, 1996)

Full of obscure references, horn jams and spoken samples by Beck and the Dust Brothers, this one’s a party starter.

"E-Pro" (Guero, 2005)

This head-bopping jam samples the Beastie Boys and kicks of Beck’s funkiest album with a bang.

"Beautiful Way" (Midnite Vultures, 1999)

This addictive mid-tempo groove is a slightly unhinged love song with a sweet twang courtesy of a harmonica and a steel guitar.

"Lost Cause" (Sea Change, 2002)

Need a song to get you through a breakup? Beck’s super-personal heartbreak lyrics and strumming acoustic guitar will help you over the hump.

"Sexx Laws" (Midnite Vultures, 1999)

Get up and dance, people! With its brassy attitude and quick tempo, this is one of our happiest favorite Beck songs.

"New Round" (The Information, 2006)

It’s a mellow tune that goes round and round and round. We get a bit dizzy singing along, but we love it just the same.

"Gamma Ray" (Modern Guilt, 2008)

It may be about the end of the world, but our spin on this breezy-sounding tune? It’s the perfect upbeat running song.

"Turn Away" (Morning Phase, 2014)

Here Beck’s voice gives us chills. And while the tone of this track is melancholy, its message is uplifting: let go of what happened in the past. Move on. Take a listen, Kanye?

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