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When we first stumbled across Feeln--a new movie channel presented by Hallmark that can be accessed via Apple TV, Roku and Google TV for $5 a month--we thought: Uh oh, cornball alert. Then we started scrolling through the movie list and quickly changed our tune. We’d totally pay to cry our eyes out to Feeln’s can’t-miss lineup of feel-good flicks. Here are our 8 faves on the channel so far. Cue the waterworks.


"Sleepless in Seattle"

Because the most romantic things in life happen at the top of the Empire State Building.


"Love Actually"

Because this proposal scene is the reason we’ll name our future daughter Aurelia.


"A League of Their Own"

Because there is crying in baseball, especially when we watch a talented player almost get passed up because of her looks.


"Free Willy"

Because that final scene when Willy is set free.



Because we'll always cheer for the underdog.


"Apollo 13"

Because we're overwhelmed with relief/joy when the astronauts land safely in the Pacific Ocean.



Because there’s no bond like the one between a farmer and his trusted sidekick.


"Good Will Hunting"

Because Robin Williams. (Also see Jumanji and Hook.)

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