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Your favorite part of book club night: When everyone forgets to talk about the book, and all of a sudden ideas, information and laughs are flying around the room.

In the olden days--say, the golden age of Paris in the 1920s--these creativity-spawning group talks were called “salons,” and they were all the rage.

Now salons are making a comeback. Want to host your own? Start with these quick pointers (and then check out these detailed tips from the founders of a Pinterest-worthy seasonal gathering of brilliant women).

Topics You’ll need something to talk about. Zero in on a subject that will keep your guests engaged, like work/life balance, navigating the tech landscape or giving back to your community.

Setting Pick an unexpected location that will spark the imagination. Try an artist’s studio, a friend’s secret courtyard garden or the private dining room at a clubby restaurant.

Guests Choose attendees from a variety of backgrounds. Part of the joy of hosting a salon is sparking new friendships and helping people make valuable connections, so pull from different areas of your life: work, yoga class, old classmates, neighbors, etc.

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