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You’ve decided to get your culture fix at the Met--bravo! You take out your audio guide and listen: Monet and Impressionism, Picasso and Cubism, Pollock and Expressionism. Then, you fall asleep.

Here to liven things up is MuseumHack, a company offering renegade tours at the Met and the Museum of Natural History. Led by experienced guides well versed in art history, it’s a way to see the works through a fun and refreshing new lens.

At a recent tour of the Met, our guide was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and playfully raunchy. Packed with sex, scandal and debauchery, hers was an insider-y look at the seemingly buttoned-up art world.

The tour also included a competitive game of #uglyselfie, but we’ll let you figure out what that is when you sign up.

MuseumHack outings are capped at nine people ($59 a person), meaning you’ll get plenty of attention. Private and kid-friendly tours are also available, so parents can enjoy the art without worrying about whose grubby little fingers are reaching for the Degas.

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