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Celebs, they're just like us: They make billion-dollar-grossing movies, they walk countless red carpets in designer gowns...and they deliver stirring commencement speeches to excited graduates. OK, maybe they're not just like us, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy these 11 terrific speeches they've given over the years. 

Robert DeNiro at NYU (2015)

Amy Poehler at Harvard (2011)

Stephen Colbert at Northwestern (2011)

Ellen DeGeneres at Tulane (2009)

Steve Jobs at Stanford (2005)

Meryl Streep at Barnard (2010)

David Foster Wallace at Kenyon (2005)

Peter Dinklage at Bennington (2011)

Mindy Kaling at Harvard Law (2014)

Jane Lynch at Smith (2012)

Maya Rudolph at Tulane (2015)

Jimmy Iovine at USC (2013)

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