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Between our makeup, wallet and four pairs of sunglasses (because… options!), our bag couldn’t get much heavier. So a hulking 20-pound tome simply won’t do.

That’s where these eight excellent articles come in. They are short(ish) and weigh no more than the smartphone on which they’re housed.


If You’ve Ever Felt Like Someone’s Watching You...

Read this bizarre and unsettling account of a Russian “troll” factory, an agency devoted to spreading propaganda, wreaking digital havoc and, in some cases, ruining lives. (The New York Times)


If You’ve Been Tuning In to the World Cup...

Read the inspiring story of a woman who escaped the Taliban and became a soccer star in Denmark. (Vice)


If You Have a Few Hours to Spare...

Read this surprisingly fascinating, 38,000-word explanation of code, which is so long and in-depth that another publication wrote its own article summarizing it. (Bloomberg Business)


If You Thought Middle School Was Stressful...

Read the somewhat strange history of Brazil’s child preachers. (The New York Times)


If College Didn’t Sour You On Ramen...

Read about a Jewish guy from Long Island who became one of the world?s preeminent noodle chefs. (Lucky Peach)


If You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Stepped Foot in a Mall...

Read about the fashion tech companies that are reinventing the process of getting dressed. (BuzzFeed)


If You Never Seem to Say The Right Thing...

Read what 17 acclaimed authors have to say about their favorite words and then work a few of them into your vocabulary. We've heard of fewer choices than we'd like to admit. (The Guardian)

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