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Where can you find priceless artwork, a public library, designer stores and a garden oasis in the middle of the city?

That’s right: NorthPark Center.

And what’s better than all those cool amenities? The people-watching. These are the seven people you’ll see on your next shopping spree. 

The Show-Offs

Who needs a studio when you can do yoga in the garden or Pilates in the Lululemon store?


The Sporty Mom

She hasn’t actually gone to the gym in years, but she looks damn good with her blowout and new bag.


The Lovebirds

He carries her bags and complements every garment she tries on (his mama taught him well). In return, she can only give a half-smile (her doctor treated her well).

The Professional

This woman takes shopping more seriously than a marathon.

The Super-Dad

He buys the kiddos whatever they want at the Lego store--or just keeps an eye on them at the “play place” (i.e., the random area of sloping planters around the indoor duck pond).

The Tourists

They wander around in amazement, ogling the art and the designer stores--but we all know they’re on the hunt for J.R. Ewing and his oil-rich heirs.

The Locals

A breed unlike all others. They shop on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, avoid Neiman’s Last Call (in store, that is) and attend every fashion show, trunk show and designer showcase--by invite only.

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