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If you watched the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special, you got a brief look at the show's stash of audition tapes. We, too, were craving more behind-the-scenes SNL, so we did the digging for you. Here, we give you six audition tapes that got your favorite comedians in the door of 30 Rock. We just hope creator Lorne Michaels releases the footage of some of our favorite funny ladies--stat.

John Belushi

Energetic, outrageous and rowdy: this National Lampoon's star was made for the SNL stage.

Dana Carvey

Before there was the Church Lady or the legendary George H. Bush impersonation, there was this audition tape. 

Phil Hartman

President Clinton at McDonalds. Enough said. 

Will Ferrell

If you're having a bad day, all you need to do is turn on SNL's Best of Will Ferrell skits...or this tape that started it all. 

Tracy Morgan

Never have seven minutes been so telling. 

Jimmy Fallon

There are few people who steal our hearts like Jimmy Fallon. Obviously, Lorne felt the same way. 

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