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She’s been called the Larry David of the Upper East Side. If you’re not watching Odd Mom Out, Bravo’s new scripted comedy starring Momzillas-author-turned-TV-funny-lady Jill Kargman, you need to set your DVR now.

Here, her six best quotes to date.

On Kids:

“You have kids, so you don’t need hobbies.”

On Spinning:

“Soulwheelz is like the first stop on the mom-bot express. It’s a cult.”

On New Money:

“When I was growing up, there was some shame around being rich. I knew kids who were mortified to have a driver. Now, at drop-off, they're pimpin' cocaine-white SUVs.”

On Doughnuts:

A doughnut is just a gay bagel.

On Sex:

“There was just a study at Stamford University that all these mothers have sensory overload because the kids are pawing at them all day so we're really ODing on touch.”

On Booking a Sitter:

“Getting a sitter on two hours' notice is like the triple salchow of parenting. It can't be done!”

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