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Hey, it’s good to have goals. But we’ve got some bones to pick with your run-of-the-mill New Year’s resolutions. Namely, they’re crazy ambiguous--and as a result, there’s no way on earth you can stick to them.

The better bet? Laser-focused, easily quantifiable objectives like “I will only use my own bank’s ATM” or “I will stop eating pita chips after 8 p.m.”

We took a look at the five worst resolutions--and what you can do to make them better. Check out the list here.


To lose 10 pounds

Why it sucks: It’s too ambitious, it’s too vague and it’s too easy to give up on.
Instead go for: “I will cut pizza and ice cream out of my diet for three months.” It’s a concrete goal with a concrete end in sight.


To save money

Why it sucks: See above.
Instead go for: “I’ll put $100 per paycheck into my 401(k).” Then either schedule a recurring payment or set yourself a monthly calendar reminder.


To go to the gym more

Why it sucks: It doesn’t mean anything. What the heck is “more”?
Instead go for: “I will make it to spin class three times a week.” Then if you miss a day, give yourself a tiny punishment--say, taking over your husband’s dog-walking shift.


To get a promotion

Why it sucks: While we appreciate the drive, the truth is you don’t have direct control over whether you get promoted or not. Sorry.
Instead go for: “I will take on one extra project per month and talk to my boss in April about where I stand with the company.”


To fall in love

Why it sucks: Do we even need to explain this one to you?
Instead go for: “I will join and schedule no fewer than two dates per month.” It may lack “romance,” but it’s a firm step toward, you know, actually meeting someone.

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