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It’s been only two months, but our Wednesday night So You Think You Can Dance addiction has us suffering a serious case of cold sweats. Luckily, the series just got renewed for another season (returning summer 2015) and in celebration, we’ve rounded up our top 10 routines. Grading criteria: Entertainment factor; catchy music; features tWitch (JK...sort of).

10. "Koop Island Blues"

Randi and Evan, Season 5

Fairly underrated, but how can you forget “The Butt Piece”?

9. "No Air"

Katee and Joshua, Season 4

Our love affair with NappyTabs begins.

8. "Calling You"

Heidi and Travis, Season 2

This list would not be complete without the infamous “Park Bench” routine.

7. "Time"

Lacey and Neil, Season 3

Miss Mia Michaels, ya’ll.

6. "Fix You"

Allison and Robert, Season 7

Will someone pass us a tissue?

5. "Mercy"

Katee and tWitch, Season 4

Luckily he doesn’t have to deal with crazy girlfriends anymore. Swoon.

4. "Holy Ghost"

tWitch, Comfort, Cryus and Christopher Scott, Season 9

We can’t even talk about it.

3. "Bleeding Love"

Chelsie and Mark, Season 4

We’re responsible for about 43 of those views.

2. "Gravity"

Kayla and Kupono, Season 5

Still get chills when we watch this performance.

1. "Outta Your Mind"

tWitch and Alex, Season 7

If you’re not shakin’ it in your seat, we don’t want to know you.

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