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With furniture, fine art and design objects on display from galleries across the U.S., it’s hard to know what to zero in on at Fog Design + Art, the popular fair benefiting SFMOMA. So we asked esteemed gallerist Jessica Silverman, a member of Fog’s dealers committee, for some guidance on what to see, as well as what to consider making part of our personal collection. Here, her favorite pieces and expert investment advice:


Buy with your eyes, not your ears

Look carefully. Trust your gut. 

Ian Wallace’s three large-scale inkjet prints: "Enlarged Inkjet Study for Masculin Feminin I, Enlarged Inkjet Study for Le Mépris I, Enlarged Inkjet Study for Le Mépris VI." Jessica Silverman Gallery. Photo courtesy of Jessica Silverman.


Talk it out

Find someone--preferably a professional, not just a well-intentioned friend--who really gets your taste. Ask them to educate and guide you.  

Grouping of whimsical mini beasts designed and made by the Haas Brothers. R & Company. Photo by Joe Kramm.



Find a strong theme

Pick something meaningful to you and work on building a cohesive collection around that. 

Takuro Kuwata’s "Untitled" aluminum and porcelain object. Salon 94. Photo courtesy of Salon 94.


Consider emerging artists

Name brands are nice, but it’s satisfying to be an early supporter of an up-and-comer. Bonus points for being ahead of the curve. 

Hiroshi Sugimoto, "Lightning Fields 180". © Hiroshi Sugimoto, photo courtesy Fraenkel Gallery.


Art fairs are just one stop along the road to becoming a collector

Expand your horizons by going to full-scale solo shows, visiting galleries and spending time in their back rooms, where the best stuff may be hiding.  

"Lucent (Blue Rise)" by New York-based artist Teresita Fernández. Anthony Meier Fine Arts. Photo courtesy of Anthony Meier.

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