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Set Your DVR to Record Expedition Unknown

Seriously, now, people: What happened to Amelia Earhart? Has this mystery not been fascinating you since, like, the second grade? Enough is enough.

Set your DVR for this Thursday--or hey, maybe you could stand to spend a night in--and watch as adventurer Josh Gates takes a stab at solving Earhart?s disappearance in the premiere episode of his new Travel Channel series, Expedition Unknown.

Gates is a lifelong explorer and fetchingly bearded ginger who claims to have traveled to more than 90 countries. He comes complete with a loyal fan base, thanks to his previous show, Destination Truth, on the Syfy Channel.

He?ll kick off Expedition Unknown by taking viewers on a trip to tribal lands in Papua New Guinea and a carefully pinpointed spot in Fiji where he hopes to find Earhart?s remains.

Though details have yet to be released, Gates will take on more iconic mysteries as the season progresses. A viewer request: Could we please figure out this whole Bigfoot thing once and for all? That would be a real load off.

"Expedition Unknown" premieres on Thursday, January 8, at 9|8c p.m.

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