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Paint by Numbers
That's the one.

Maybe you’re a super-assured art collector who firmly knows what she does and doesn’t like (minimalism and whimsy, respectively).

Or maybe you’re more like us and have a general sense of your own taste... but need a little help pulling the trigger on a major purchase.

That’s where Kollecto comes in.

Think of the new service as your art-buying mentor. Upon signing up, you’re matched with a personal adviser who has extensive experience navigating the gallery scene. He or she will work with you to figure out your needs (a big, over-the-couch kind of work), budget (under $1,500) and overall hopes and dreams. (You love orange. There, you said it.)

Your adviser will then send you links to pieces and work with your feedback until you find something you love. Only when you decide to buy does she take her 10 percent commission fee.

Most Kollecto buyers end up spending in the $1,000 to $3,000 range, and the company offers an installment plan if you’d rather not pay all up front.

As for what you might end up with? Think a graffiti-inspired Hebru Brantley print, a genre-bending Jenny Holzer original or a dark and moody Larissa Grant painting.

Art: a worthwhile purchase if ever there was one.

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