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It?s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not the holidays. (Cool it, Starbucks.) It?s time for Oprah?s Favorite Things. Since even the great and powerful O has to be edited, not all of her selects made the glorious final cut. Here, some of Oprah?s other picks. You?re welcome.

/images/articles/The new bar cart

The new bar cart

Take your cocktail parties to new heights--literally--with this five-foot-tall Imperial Shaker, which comes with a year's supply of gin and a master class on how to, you know, use it.

Neiman Marcus ($35,000)

/images/articles/An expressive vessel

An expressive vessel

Here’s a fun diet trick: Store your cookies in a creepy, two-faced Fornasetti jar that you’ll be too scared to actually open to retrieve said cookies. 

Far Fetch ($2,145)

/images/articles/Social media for billionaires

Social media for billionaires

Sometimes Facebook feels a little too plebeian. Filter out the riffraff with a $9,000 membership to The Netropolitan Club, the “online country club for people with more money than time.”

The Netropolitan Club ($9,000)

/images/articles/Magic face cream

Magic face cream

It's fine to remove makeup with $4 Ponds Cold Cream, but moisturizer shouldn't cost anything less than a grand. Namely, Cle de Peau Beaute’s ultra-luxurious crème.

Neiman Marcus ($1,000)

/images/articles/A simple at-home workout

A simple at-home workout

You know those days when you’re just like, Gosh, I wish I could ride a snail? No? Regardless, here’s the at-home stationary bike to make those dreams come true.

Ciclotte ($12,000)

/images/articles/Your smoothest legs yet

Your smoothest legs yet

This razor is made of an element derived from meteorites, and its blade is made of white sapphires. If shaving our legs with gems is wrong, we don?t want to be right.

?Zaffiro ($100,000)

/images/articles/A winter must

A winter must

Fingerless gloves aren’t the warmest, but what these beauties lack in function they more than make up for in embellished fashion. Besides, gloves with fingers are for quitters.

Dolce & Gabbana ($1,525)

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