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Whatever, May flowers. A slew of new movies and TV shows on Netflix means it’s totally acceptable to huddle on your couch with a remote and a box of Mallomars. Here’s what’s on tap--and what to watch before it's gone.

fruitvale Station

“Fruitvale Station”

We fell hard for this movie--based on the real story of a young black man killed by a San Francisco transit cop--when it was released in 2013. Michael B. Jordan is completely fantastic in the understated lead role, and the film (which won the grand prize at Sundance) still feels particularly important in light of the #blacklivesmatter movement. (Available May 12)


“The Boxtrolls”

This wildly creative stop-motion animated movie (from the creators of Coraline) follows a plucky orphan and his quirky cohorts. Worth a watch even if you don’t have kids. (Available May 23)

legally blonde

“Legally Blonde” and “Legally Blonde 2”

“Oh, I like your outfit, too. Except when I dress up as a frigid bitch, I try not to look so constipated.” -- Elle Woods (Available May 1)


dance moms

“Dance Moms”

Helicopter mommies battling it out in Pittsburg. Plus: Jazz hands! (Available May 14)



This will make you feel better about that stack of Lands' End catalogues on your piano bench. (Available May 14)

life is beautiful

“Life is Beautiful” (Last Call)

Catch the 1998 Academy Award-winning film that made us all fall in love with Roberto Benigni. Then rewatch his life-affirming acceptance speech. (Ends May 1)


“Skyfall” (Last Call)

Remember 2012, when we all cared about Adele and it was totally reasonable for Daniel Craig to make a two-and-a-half-hour James Bond movie? (Ends May 5)


“Airplane” (Last Call)

"Don’t call me Shirley." (Ends April 30)

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