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The good news: Women are on track to control more than $22 trillion by 2020. (Go, us!)

The not-so-good news: Only 37 percent of women are confident financial decision-makers today.

The silver lining: Fidelity Investments wants to change that statistic.

Start by visiting Fidelity?s It?s Time hub, where you?ll find empowering information to help you make smart, confident decisions about investing and saving.

Listen to a TED Talk from Fidelity?s own Kathy Murphy (one of Fortune magazine?s Most Powerful Women of 2014) to hear her perspectives on life and money. Read about what 6-year-olds can teach us about getting promoted. Or take a quick quiz to see if you and your partner are financially compatible.

When you?re ready to take the next step, dive into Thrive, Fidelity?s three-part workshop that helps you get organized, build out your retirement plan and finally reach your goals.

Ladies, the future is yours.

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