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There’s a worthy current dialogue about the inequity in the treatment of aging actresses in Hollywood. And while it’s true that male actors are consistently "allowed" to grow old (and fat… and covered in liver spots), we’d like to shout out a few who are still as good-looking as ever. Let’s hear it for the gracefully aging beefcake.


Robert Redford

Honestly, the man is 78 years old and we’d still make him an indecent proposal.


Harrison Ford

Because it was like no time had passed when the 73-year-old recently showed up again on The Millennium Falcon.


Mick Jagger

On July 26, he’ll be 72. And he’s still got the moves like, well, you get it.


Leonard Cohen

Maybe you have to be 80 to actually pull off a fedora?


Eric Clapton

Strong hair game, E.


Morgan Freeman

Ah, that velvety baritone. (Seriously, it has its own Facebook page.) This is 78.


Tom Selleck

Nothing ironic about that 'stache.

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