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You know the addresses: 1 Bryant Park (the Bank of America building), 4 Times Square (former home of Condé Nast) and 1 World Trade Center. Those are just three of the 12 skyscrapers managed by the Durst family.

They control $4.4 billion in New York City real estate. And one of their heirs is probably a serial killer.

That’s why you have to watch The Jinx.

A six-part docu-series on HBO, it traces the story of Robert Durst, the black-sheep son of the real estate dynasty. He’s been suspected of several murders (ranging from the disappearance of his first wife to the dismemberment of his neighbor) and acquitted of two.

And he’s never given a public interview--until now.

After the 2010 Ryan Gosling movie All Good Things (based on the first crime), Durst called director Andrew Jarecki to set the record straight. Jarecki then interviewed the 71-year-old and spliced that with dramatizations and accounts from others involved (detectives, lawyers and such). But who’s telling the truth?

Keep in mind: This is a man who loves the chase. (While a billionaire fugitive, Durst once stole a chicken sandwich from a Wegmans.) So the jury’s still out.

“The Jinx” premieres Sunday, February 8, at 8 p.m. on HBO.

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