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Is Todays Music Objectively Awful?

Kids these days, with their Demi Lovatos and their Jessie Js and their Fetty Waps (who?). Pop music has got us feeling so old.

If you’re like us and think today’s hits are just a bunch of noise (while songs from when we were kids were the real deal), there’s now science to back you up.

Neuroscientists confirm that certain songs we’re drawn to have two things in common: They’re formed around our happiest memories, and those memories tend to be concentrated around our formative teenage years.

And another study suggests that the era in which you discover your “stable and enduring self”--aka: When you become you--occurs mainly between the ages of 12 to 22. Meaning the memory of those songs become the soundtrack to your life.

In other words: You don’t just love N’Sync, you are N’Sync. 

So although we’re hard-pressed to prove the artistic excellence of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” over Ariana Grande’s “Bang Bang,” at least we can justify our karaoke choices.

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