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Instabreak: DILFs of Disneyland
A DILF in his natural habitat.

We’re not going to get into how we discovered this gem, but let’s just say it was worth every procrastinating minute.

Ladies, prepare thine eyes for DILFs of Disneyland.

Between the tank tops, triceps and adorable toddlers in tow, each dad is better than the next. First there’s sun’s out, gun’s out DILF--a crowd-pleaser. Then there’s serial-selfie DILF--he might be more your style. And if all else fails, there’s always David Beckham (who apparently frequents Disney?).

Besides ogling the unsuspecting suckers, we spent many an hour trying to figure out who the heck is behind this genius account. Our conclusion: a park employee, because otherwise there’s no need to actually spend this much time trolling Toontown.

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