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Windy City Playhouse
Enjoy the show.

We?ve gotten spoiled by the amenities that snuck into movie theaters--recliners, cocktail bars, love seats--over the past few years.

But a venue in Albany Park has us craving live action again. Windy City Playhouse is a new theater devoted to live, lighter works--and the perks of the place rival our favorite tricked-out movie halls.

You can opt to sit in lounge-style leather swivel chairs with adjacent cocktail tables and a 360-degree view of the stage or, for about $15 less per ticket, snag plush theater-style seats with drink ledges and cup holders.

Before the show and during intermission, a bar cart winds around the theater offering craft cocktails. The food menu is all things you can eat in your seat in the dark--no utensils required--and on weekends, the theater encourages people to hang out for post-show entertainment.

The inaugural play, End Days, is about a Goth teenage girl whose parents have checked out and whose neighbor, a 16-year-old Elvis impersonator, is in love with her.

End of the world for night on the town for you.

Windy City Playhouse, 3014 W. Irving Park Rd.; 312-374-3196 or

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