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Ahh, holiday parties. The cheer, the camaraderie, the...who are we kidding? Holiday parties can be the worst. 

Here, nine unfortunate scenarios you will almost definitely encounter (if you haven't already) before 2015. React accordingly. 


When you walk in

You can do this. 


When you're thrilled to see someone

Best friends forever. 


When you adopt coping mechanisms

Three more hours.


When conversation turns to your love life



When your nieces say things like "bae" and "Bye, Felicia"

This is our future. 


When cousin Tim brings up race relations

*Prays for death*


When cousin Tim brings up race relations after a few more drinks

Oh, so it's a party-wide conversation now. 


When you're thisclose to leaving, but get sucked into a conversation

Oh good.


When you finally get to go home

It's a Christmas miracle.

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