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Even though it's only been around for a decade, it's hard to imagine a world without YouTube. (What would that productivity even look like?) In honor of ten years of viral videos, we polled our editors for the clips that have kept them laughing. Enjoy.

Kittens Inspired by “Kittens”

"Because cats are weird. But kids are even weirder."

--Grace Hunt, Assistant Editor

Scarlet Takes a Tumble

"Poor Scarlet. She was just trying to show off her pipes (and her new wedges?). I feel for the girl. But it's impossible not to laugh at this. P.S. Almost as noteworthy is this reaction video."

--Angela Cuneo, Editor

Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

"I can't decide which makes me cackle more: ornery kids or news reporters who hate their jobs."

--Susan Waits, New York Editor

Baby Reveal Gone Wrong

"Disappointment immortalized."

--Mary Kate McGrath, Editor in Chief

Babies Laughing at Dogs

"Come on, who doesn't think dogs and babies are hilarious?"

--Caroline Terry, Dallas Editor

Honey Badger

"Because of how happy it made [PureWow CEO] Ryan Harwood." 

--Jillian Quint, Managing Editor

Hamster on a Piano

"The song will play in your head forever, but you'll never forget the tiny hamster nibbling on popcorn."

--Hannah Lowentheil, Editorial Assistant

Shark Cat on a Roomba

"Because no matter how bad it gets, seeing animals on wheels helps."

--Dana Dickey, Los Angeles Editor

Evolution of Dance

"Six minutes of your life well-spent. And because Hammer Time."

--Lauren Gniazdowski, Associate Managing Editor

What Does the Fox Say?

"I'm obsessed with this video by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis--the ridiculous lyrics, costumes, dance routines. I find myself belting out their wacky fox speak a little too often."

--Allison McCarthy, San Francisco Editor

Wedding Entrance Dance

"Not only will it put a smile on your face, but it also inspired one of the greatest scenes in the history of a show with a lot of great scenes."

--Sarah Stiefvater, Assistant Editor

I'm On a Boat

"'I'm On a Boat' solidified YouTube as the place for a parody to find its sea legs (ha!) and go totally mainstream. Not only was the song a hilarious riff on rap video cliches, it actually went platinum. And it made us feel just a little bit better about not owning a boat ourselves."

--Amalie Drury, Chicago Editor

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