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Marie Antoinette
Hair up to there.

If Marie Antoinette were living in 2015, what would she be like? She?d love selfies for sure. She?d be on Twitter--but she might get a lot of hate tweets. TMZ would follow her everywhere. She?d wear Versace.

A new production of Marie Antoinette at Steppenwolf Theatre draws a modernized portrait of the lavish queen along the lines of the 2006 Sofia Coppola film--but the references are even more au courant. ??

The play?s costume designer, Dede Ayite, says today?s pop icons borrow freely from highly extravagant historical figures like the controversial royal, so she created looks that are a blend of Antoinette?s outrageous silhouettes and their current interpretations.

Keep your eyes peeled for a group of ladies sporting dresses with bejeweled, hashtag-able phrases like ?YOLO? (you only live once) and ?BOSS? during a teatime scene. ?

And as the play opens, lead actress Alana Arenas?s wig is inspired by both the real Antoinette?s height-defying style and a tour hairstyle worn by another queen: Bey(once).

We can almost see this Marie on the cover of Us Weekly.

Through May 10; Tickets $20 to $82; Steppenwolf Theatre, 1650 N. Halsted St.; 312-335-1650 or

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