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Sure, there’s a jing-jing-jingaling place in our hearts for Christmas music. But can we also take a minute to remember all those nondenominational December songs? Namely, the ones that celebrate sadness, regret and gray-day-mopey unrequited love.

Presenting, our favorite totally bummer tunes about December. Enjoy! (By which we mean: Go ahead and cry into your Starbucks cup).

Taylor Swift: "Back to December"

“It turns out freedom ain’t nothing but missing you.” Aw, life is hard when you’re T-Swift.

Counting Crows: "Long December"

Remember how sad Courtney Cox was in this video?

Collective Soul: "December"

Sing it with us: “Turn your head, now baby just spit me out.”

Any song by the Decemberists

So glum. So gray. So Portland.

The Four Seasons: "December 1963 (Oh What a Night)"

Ok, fine. Adam Duritz was wrong and December is sort of great. Case in point: The ultimate Bar Mitzvah song. Then, now, always.

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