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Yes, And
"No" didn't get them here.

Amy Poehler, Bill Murray, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey: All smart. All hilarious. All alums of Chicago’s most famous comedy troupe.

Now you can follow in their funny footsteps by reading Yes, And, a new book by two Second City executives, Kelly Leonard and Tom Yorton. The pair purport that the number-one rule of improv--always say yes--can help anyone get ahead.

Want a quick education? Memorize these three lessons from the book.

Never Say No Eliminate the word “no” from your vocabulary for a day. It’s hard. But it will teach you how quickly we shut down new ideas and experiences. Replacing “no” with “yes, and” is the first step in freeing yourself to be more creative and innovative.

Practice Group Therapy The concept that “you’re only as good as your weakest member” isn’t quite right. The truth is that you’re only as good as your ability to compensate for your weakest member. It’s up to the group to make sure everyone succeeds.

Fear Nothing Originality and authenticity flourish best in a space without fear. And it’s not enough to say the words “this is a safe space”--you have to model fearlessness with your own actions.

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