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We love movies. We love competition. Presenting: The PureWow Movie Face-off, wherein two new films go head-to-head in totally ridiculous categories.

Up first: Mind-bending space romp Interstellar and true-life psycho-thriller Foxcatcher.

Best costumes: Foxcatcher
1980s wrestling uniforms trump futuristic space suits. Duh.

Best special effects: Interstellar
With due respect to Steve Carell’s prosthetic nose, we’re going with Christopher Nolan’s trippy space scape. Bonus points if you can score tickets in IMAX.

Best to see on a date: Interstellar
It’s all about the science of love, yo. Plus, you’ll want to grip his knee when the wormhole travel kicks in.

Best to see with an elderly relative: Foxcatcher
Grandma cannot follow quantum theory.

Hottest male lead: Foxcatcher
Sorry, McConaughey fans. Channing Tatum always wins.

Winner: Foxcatcher

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