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Enrich Your Mind at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas
Unleash your inner artist at an adult-ed class.

Sure, as a child you dreamed of becoming the next Picasso. But you now have big-lady bills to pay and channeling your inner creativity doesn’t quite cover the mortgage.

Enter the Creative Arts Center of Dallas, which offers more than 500 creative classes and workshops for exploring your artistic side without quitting your day job.

Classes and  workshops, held on nights and weekends, run the gamut from jewelry making and ceramics to creative writing and stone carving. And while there's no shortage of adult-ed courses around town, here are two you really can't take anywhere else: 

During the five-hour Mixed Media Painting workshop ($140, including all materials), artist Katherine Baronet will teach students to work with inspirational materials (poetry, nature, short stories) and create an office-worthy painting. (Take that, uncreative coworkers!)

During the three-hour Fused Glass Wind Chimes workshop ($100, including all materials), you’ll learn the basics of the art and walk away with your very own handmade wind chimes.

It sure beats another weekend stuck at your desk.

Creative Arts Center of Dallas, 2360 Laughlin Dr.; 214-320-1275 or

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