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Efficiency Model
Use Resy. Get Rosemary's.

There are 48 hours in a weekend. Subtract 30 for sleep and general sweatpants-edness and cross off 10 for errands, laundry and all those other life obligations. That leaves you with only eight (EIGHT!) to do anything fun.

Here?s how to make the most out of tomorrow.

Score a covetable brunch reservation ?That?ll be about an hour and a half? is never easy to hear--especially in reference to eggs. Download the app Resy and secure prime reservation slots (think: Charlie Bird and Balthazar) for a small fee. (You?re essentially buying the spare VIP tables.) The fig focacce at Rosemary?s is worth it--promise. And we snagged you $25 to start.

Tell the museum when you?re coming Perhaps you?ve heard of a little exhibit called Henri Matisse: The Cut Outs? Well, the MoMA got smart this time and anticipated the insane crowds. Buy a timed ticket and be in and out in 30 minutes. No more suffering in line behind a group of Kentucky tourists.

Hear Emma Stone sing, like, in an hour See how efficiently all this worked? Now that you have a couple of hours to spare, fire up TodayTix and snag discounted seats at Cabaret, which now has the red-carpet wunderkind in the role of Sally Bowles. You?re welcome.

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