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We’ve all done it: Fervently Google a song after hearing it on your favorite TV show. Here are six tracks we discovered while watching the tube...and later played to death.

“Chasing Cars” on “Grey’s Anatomy”

We can’t even discuss what’s been happening on Grey’s Anatomy as of late (McDreamy noooooo!). But back in its epic heyday, the show had a knack for bringing little-known artists to primetime. Take the Snow Patrol song that closed out season two with full-on waterworks. We’ll never forget you, Denny.

“I Love It” on “Girls”

This Icona Pop song instantly blew up after it was featured in Season 1 of Girls. Maybe it's the connection between the lyrics and the image of Lena Dunham dancing around a Brooklyn warehouse in a neon mesh tank top, but every time we hear it we want to get up and move. 

“Hide and Seek” on “The O.C.”

Imogen Heap’s achingly gorgeous song made the scene when Marissa shot Trey on The O.C. It’s our top musical discovery from the series that nailed the art of indie track for dramatic effect--from the many Death Cab for Cutie moments to the use of Coldplay’s “Fix You” at the prom (Seth and Summer 4Ever!).

“Wicked Game” on “Friends”

A planetarium. Young love. Chis Isaak pouring through the speakers. That scene in the season two episode dubbed "The One Where Ross and Rachel...You Know" couldn't be more epic.

“Your Hand in Mine” on “Friday Night Lights”

OK, so this inspiring instrumental by Explosions in the Sky was not actually what played during the opening sequence of Friday Night Lights. When the show originally asked the band to use it, they said no--so a composer basically ripped it off for TV with minor changes. It was so widely believed to be EITS that the band won after all.

“If I Didn’t Know Better” on “Nashville”

The languorous swing of this season-one song from Nashville--which Scarlett and Gunner performed with perfect harmonization and sultry eye contact--got us hooked on the show and on country music.

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