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Dear Wow: When Should My Pregnancy Go Public?

Dear Wow,

I’m three months pregnant and absolutely dying to tell my friends. (I’ve told my mom and sister, but that’s it!) My husband, however, wants me to wait until we can tell his parents in person next month. Must I really hold my tongue?

--Knocked Up in Nashville

Dear Knocked Up,

First of all, congrats! Children are wonderful, expensive little creatures. As for your whom-to-tell-when conundrum, remember Newton’s law of gossip: A juicy tidbit in motion will remain in motion (unless a force far more titillating--say, a childhood friend’s scandalous lesbian affair--suddenly usurps it). In other words, once you’ve put your news out into the world, chances are that somebody will blab. If your husband really isn’t ready to go public, you should respect his wishes and keep quiet. Feel like you’re going to die if you don’t tell one more person? Pick a friend who’s not besties with all your other pals and make her swear to secrecy.

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