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Dear Wow: Should I Stay with My Ill-Mannered Man?

Dear Wow,

I've started dating this guy I've known for about four years as a friend. We're both divorced, have grown children and come from similar backgrounds. The trouble is, he really lacks manners. I can't stand it when he scoops food onto his fork with his fingers or makes rude comments in public. I've tried to show him by example as well as tell him outright, but it's not working. Help!


Dear Isabel,

We feel for you--bad manners are a big turnoff. There’s always going to be a thing or two about your partner that irritates you to some extent. That being said, if his bad manners are a habit you can’t look past, and if you've tried talking to him and he wasn't receptive to it, maybe this guy isn’t the right one for you. Next!

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