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Dear Wow: My Daughters House Reeks of Dogs
No matter how cute, no one wants to smell a wet dog.

Dear Wow,

I stopped by my daughter and her fiancé’s place, and I gotta tell you, it reeks of dog. I love them both, but it’s a serious stench--and what's worse is that they both seem to ignore the fact that their home smells like a vet clinic. How do I tell them that a refresh is needed or even approach them about the smell?

--Smelly in Las Vegas

Dear Vegas,

There are both indirect and direct approaches to handling this smelly situation.

1. Indirect Approach: Gift the homeowners scented candles, rug deodorizers, room spray and floral bouquets until your credit cards are maxed out.

2. Direct Approach: Simply state to your daughter (she is your kin, after all) that when you walked in the door, you were smacked with a seriously strong stench. Many people don’t realize that their home has a certain smell--when you live with an odor every day, you become accustomed to it. So raise the subject, because chances are they have no clue.

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