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It's about time you learned what a tannin is.

Confession: We slept through our computer class in college and now have no clue how to insert a PivotTable. Correction: We don’t even know how to make a CSV file.

That said, we have to wonder what other things we’ve been hitting snooze on.

Here, four classes we found in Dallas that can help fill in the gaps.

Learn to drive a stick We honestly tried to learn how to drive that Jeep...and it nearly ended our marriage. Luckily, we can finally master manual, thanks to the Stick Shift Driving School, a three-hour course that comes to you and costs less than $200.

Perfect your blowout Form Hair Education is all about teaching the basics of the blowout. Sign up with a group of three other women and learn how to hold the hair dryer, get tips for quickie styling and even take home a few tools. Form is taught on Saturday evenings at the posh L.A.R.C. salon in Uptown ($150 per person per class).

Excel at Excel Still don’t understand the “sort” feature? Fear not: These instructor-led classes come to you and teach both basic stuff (cell moving and delineation) and more advanced Excel functions (PivotTables and formulas). Classes start at $150.

Order wine like a pro Wine 101 offers three-hour classes throughout the year to make you savvy about your vino. Learn how to determine the region your Cab is from in two sips or define which wine best suits your palate ($75 per class). Turns out we actually do like Zinfandels.

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