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One million people are downloading the Serial podcast and listening each week. Are you one of them? If so, you’re probably going crazy wanting to know what really happened. (If not: Stop reading. Spoilers ahead!)

Here, our top five theories, from the most likely to the least:

Jay did it. He led police to the body and car. His story has changed 9 zillion times. He got a sweet plea deal. And he’s just... shady. (As for motive, we’re going with: Jealous of Adnan’s relationship with Jay’s girlfriend, Stephanie.)

Adnan did it. Maybe Jay is telling the truth about getting that call from Best Buy. Or, maybe Adnan was planning all along to kill Hae and frame Jay--and Jay figured it out--which is why he had to invent a story that could conclusively implicate Adnan.

Mr. S. did it. Remember the weirdo streaker who just so happened to “stumble” upon the body while stopping for a middle-of-the-woods bathroom break. We’re still suspicious.

Roy Davis did it. Sarah Koenig hasn’t touched this one, but it’s a popular theory on Reddit. The crux: Davis, who was convicted of raping and strangling a Baltimore woman in 2003, lived super-close to Woodlawn High and dumped his other victim near the gas station where Hae’s credit card was mysteriously charged the day of her murder.

Stephanie did it. We know that Stephanie and Adnan had recently become close. Maybe she got jealous of Hae, did the deed and then convinced Jay to cover for her. Girls be crazy, yo.

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