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Summer. Fridays. Are there any two sweeter words in the English language?

We’ve been longing to hear them since, well, Labor Day.

Ahead, nine simple and carefree ways to make the most of the glorious dog days of summer--from crafting to kickball to seashell painting. These activities don’t require much effort or planning, so you can transition from boardroom to backyard (or hammock or patio or park) without missing a beat.


Company Kickball

The company that plays together, stays together. OK, we made that up, but we still think kickball with colleagues is a great way to inject some merriment into the workweek grind. All you need are some willing coworkers, a patch of grass and a ball. Who knew Gary from marketing was so damn ferocious?



Book Club For Three

A serious book club feels like a lot of work for summer. Introducing Book Club 2.0: The Three Amigos Edition. Email two friends and ask them to name their all-time favorite novels. Designate one summer month to read (or re-read) each person's pick. Come September, you’ll all have read two new books… and feel closer than ever.



Catch Up Over Cocktails

We’re always looking for an excuse to indulge in a little bubbly--good thing summer Fridays come around every week. Throw an impromptu get-together by mixing up some California Spritzes (a fuss-free cocktail featuring Chandon and grapefruit, mint or cucumber). Now, whether to invite the neighbors or the besties... either way, we say yes.


Take a Park Bench Nap

Seriously. Why not just hit snooze on all of your afternoon ambitions? Just secure your stuff to your person first, and remember that your purse can double as a pillow.

Host a “Crafternoon” Party

Forgo the tedious DIY projects. (Be honest with yourself: You’re never going to finish that macramé table runner.) Instead, look to afternoon-friendly, one-and-done crafts. We’ve rounded up seven quickies here (aren’t those gold-leaf-painted seashells perfection?). Just grab a few friends and take to the patio (no indoor messes, thanks).


Cycle On

Today is the perfect day to skip the gym: Instead, get outside and cruise to a new neighborhood, park or trail. Changing your perspective can really lend an energy boost--and inspire adventure--for the weekend ahead. Be spontaneous or map it out on a cycling route app and share it with your squad.


Experiment with Frozen Fruit

Eating a plain old room-temperature banana feels so…basic. This is fresh produce season, so hit up the farmers' market on your way home and then go wild with your finds. Whip up some creative frozen-fruit concoctions, like raspberry ice-cream sandwichesfive-minute fro-yo, or even grapefruit snow. Serve at the aforementioned “crafternoon” extravaganza.


See a Movie

Summer movies are pretty great. But save the blockbusters for your nieces and nephews, and take the afternoon to meander over to the art house for an offbeat documentary. We’re especially curious about The Wolfpack, a true account of how seven brothers (locked up in an NYC apartment) watch and re-enact their favorite films as the ultimate escapism from their isolated lives. A true-life movie about loving movies? Meta.


Food For Face

Take some extra time for yourself and pretty up that mug with a skin-brightening face mask. Mix 2 tablespoons coconut milk, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon plain yogurt. Massage the mixture onto your skin and then remove it with a damp cloth after 15 minutes.

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