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Black Mirror Is the Best Show on Netflix Right Now

Don’t know what to watch while you’re waiting for Mad Men/House of Cards/Veep to come back on the air?

The answer is clear: Black Mirror, the best show you’ve never heard of, now streaming on Netflix.

What is it? Black Mirror is a six-part British miniseries. Each episode is entirely discrete (new plot, new cast, etc.), though all are set in a vaguely futuristic world with technological elements of our own.

What’s it like? The Twilight Zone. Stephen King. 1984. Her. All those nightmares you have about cell phones destroying your human relationships.

No, but seriously. What’s it like? Look, it’s best not to know too much going in. But we can say that the first episode deals with a prime minister who is forced--via YouTube--to perform an indecent act with a farm animal. And the third (our favorite) is about a world where everybody has memory chips implanted in their brains...and what that does to one man’s marriage.

Why should you watch it? It’s fantastically written, creepily thought-provoking and the production values are insane. Also, the upcoming Christmas episode stars Jon Hamm!

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