Best on Broadway
Even still...the best hair in the game.

The Great White Way is no stranger to hosting Hollywood actors. In fact, the theater district is crawling with A-listers this season--definitely more than you can catch over a holiday break.

Here are our personal picks:

Bradley Cooper in Elephant Man In one of Broadway?s smallest theaters is one of Hollywood?s most handsome men--very close to your eyes and very different from what you?d expect. (To play the circus freak, he contorts his own, prosthesis-free face.)

Emma Stone in Cabaret Here?s the thing about Sally Bowles: She?s been done. And that?s the exact beauty of Stone?s not-just-a-pretty-face performance: It?s shockingly great.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Real Thing Any heady, quick-witted play is a win for us. What seals the deal, though, is when the scenes change and Gyllenhaal and Ewan McGregor sweetly and imperfectly sing ?60s ditties.

Josh Radnor in Disgraced From How I Met Your Mother to a gut-wrenching (and Pulitzer Prize-winning) story about post-9/11 racism, Radnor may surprise you.

Sting in The Last Ship The rock star turned composer recently joined the cast to keep ticket sales afloat (so, sinking ship?). But let?s get real: You?re in it for him and him alone.

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