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Be Kind, Unwind

Going out on a limb here...but is today just utter chaos for you, too?

Whether you’re battling saucy gate agents at JFK or making a mad dash to tie up loose gifting ends, we are here to tell you that the end is nigh. Mountains of blankets are in your immediate future.

And here are some goodies to fill that glorious downtime.

Listen to D’Angelo’s fantastic new album. The New Yorker just dropped his first music in 15 years. It’s soulful, smooth and the perfect accompaniment to a crackling fire.

Finish (or, at the very least, start) Serial. Because you may not make it through much of 2015 without hearing a spoiler or five. Then get a load of this spot-on parody from ex SNL-er Michaela Watkins.

Rewatch Batman before it leaves Netflix. The Michael Keaton throwback has been online only about a month, but we hear it’s disappearing in January. (The Birdman convo at your Oscar party needs historical reference.)

Make new friends on YouTube. Meet Broadway actresses Julie and Stephanie. (Did you see Cinderella? Steph is an ugly stepsister.) Well, they have a side gig: being ridiculously hilarious in the web series “Dates, Mates & Clean Slates.”

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